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About Prony Resources

Prony Resources is a company that operates, produces and sells NHC: Nickel Hydroxyde Cake. Composed of 37% nickel and 2 to 3% cobalt, this intermediate product is the raw material for lithium batteries used in the manufacture of electric vehicles. Prony Resources currently has a team of around 1,200 people and aims to be a world class industry through its mining business.

We increasingly invest more resources into social and environmental initiatives to support the principle of sustainable development. In the company, we aim daily to unleash the potential of human, financial and environmental development.

Prony Resources cares for its employees and its environment. Our company has about thirty nationalities including the various Caledonian communities. This is what defines our wealth as well as our human capital. A culture of inclusion and respect for values ​​are both close to our hearts. Our goal is to be able to surround ourselves with talented; competent and committed women and men. We take up the challenge of developing each other’s skills to become experts in our respective fields and to retain our colleagues. We are proud to share and collaborate on this continuous development project with our community and are determined to build together a better future for our planet as well as for future generations.

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Prony Resources New Caledonia

Why join us?


We believe that it is important to invest in the development of our employees. Therefore, we focus significantly on the progression and professional development of our employees by supporting their career plans and by offering training programs. Our specialized in-house trainers deliver learning programs to employees and in addition, we collaborate with partners to offer a selection of specific training modules necessary for them to excel in the areas relevant for them and the company.

Our goal is to work together to help you achieve your professional ambitions.

A modern production system

Our production site offers you as an employee the opportunity to learn and operate a modern production system. Thanks to the recognized skills of Caledonian chemists and metallurgists, Prony Resources is today one of the three global industrial facilities capable of producing NHCs.
Pourquoi nous rejoindre ?
Pourquoi nous rejoindre ?

Our values

Our values reflect our business. We are proud of our values and work actively with them to further support the working conditions of our teams.
  • Succeed safely together
    We are exemplary in terms of safety, we are deeply connected to the result, and we favor collective work
  • Invest with rigor
    We are committed, rigorous and honest
  • Result driven
    We demand the performance of our teams and value our colleagues
Nos valeurs
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