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 20 February 2024

The main priorities of the New Caledonian mining industry are based on several axes:

  • Optimization of production

Digital technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), data analytics, and artificial intelligence can help mining companies make more informed decisions to improve efficiency and productivity.

  • Safety of operations

Digital transformation can help improve the safety of mining operations by using connected sensors and cameras to monitor equipment and workers.

  • Cost reduction

Digital technologies can help reduce operating costs by optimizing production, improving predictive maintenance, and energy efficiency.

  • Social and environmental responsibility

Digital transformation can help mining companies improve their social and environmental responsibility by tracking environmental impacts, improving waste management, and following regulatory compliance standards.

  • Supply chain management

Digital technologies allow for real-time supply chain management and can thus help improve supply chain management and monitor transportation conditions.

Indeed, new 4G - 5G technologies offer great prospects for our industry.

For this, a framework agreement was signed in December 2023 between the Government of New Caledonia, Prony Resources New Caledonia, SLN, Koniambo Nickel, and the Office of Posts and Telecommunications.

This framework agreement aims to:

  • Engage the different partners around a common ambition (digital transformation and better competitiveness of the nickel sector in Caledonia).
  • Establish a dialogue between the players to adapt the deployment of networks and solutions to the territory's constraints.
  • Share the needs of the actors and the solutions facilitating the transition of the New Caledonian mining industry towards digital.
  • Accelerate the implementation of private mobile networks based on 4G or 5G to make them levers of competitiveness, attractiveness, and innovation for the New Caledonian metallurgical industry.
  • Formulate concrete proposals for deploying the most promising uses for the competitiveness of the metallurgical sector in NC.